CORE GTS6 Size 8

CORE GTS6 Size 8



If you’re looking for a kite that unleashes indomitable megaloops on demand, you’ve found it. If you’re seeking a composed and well-mannered freerider in unpredictable winds, you’ve found it too. Say hello to the multi-talented GTS6.

So, what’s new for the GTS6?

For starters, we’re using new material – ExoTex Light – for the struts. The lighter struts’ shape, material, and diameter provide added canopy stability and a little more punch in the turns. The CIT Modes now feature no-snag loops. Don’t worry; we carried over all the good stuff from the GTS5, including the three strut, Future-C canopy shape, which forms the nucleus of the infamous GTS.

Is the GTS6 right for you? Do you enjoy a proper yank from a legit looping machine? Do you prefer boots over straps? Are you experimenting with megaloop board-offs? Do your surfboard aerials rival your twintip tricks? If you answered yes to these, then hit the buy button.

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    • NEW: EXOTEX® LIGHT STRUTS: Larger diameter struts are lighter & more rigid.
    • 3 STRUT LIGHT FRAME: Nimble, fast turning performance.
    • FUTURE-C SHAPE: Snappy turns with a controlled and consistent pull.
    • RADICAL REACTION TIPS: C-style shaped wingtips for fast bar response.
    • CIT MODES: Fully adjustable kite handling characteristics.
    • EXOTEX® ULTRA RIGID DACRON: High pressure, zero stretch leading edge.
    • CORETEX® TRIPLE RIPSTOP CANOPY: Extreme durability and UV protection.
    • ULTRASHORT BRIDLE SYSTEM: Improved kite feedback.
    • INSTANT RELAUNCH: Reliable waterstarts under challenging conditions.
    • SPEED VALVE 2: Quick, reduced effort inflation.
    • SENSOR BAR READY: Pair with a Sensor 3 or 2S Pro bar for maximum kite feedback and control.
    • 6 YEAR PARTS GUARANTEE: Six-year parts availability guarantee.

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