CORE CHOICE 5 Size 133×40

CORE CHOICE 5 Size 133×40



Offering an innovative, performance driven but playful twintip with an extremely wide range of use as well as outstanding performance potential in freestyle, wakestyle and big air, the CORE R&D team have once again taken a step closer to the perfect freestyle-freeride one-board solution.

Delivering an undeniably smooth ride combined with on-demand agility, the Choice 5 is easily accessible with sporty riding characteristics that even beginners and intermediates are guaranteed to make great learning progress on; quickly progressing to grabbed rotations and explosive jumps.

The Choice 5’s excellent grip comes via state-of-the-art multi-channels, while the exciting agility and pop is made possible thanks to the relationship between the new tip shape and integrated quattro channels. Softer landings are due to the strongly contoured underwater hull, effectively breaking the surface tension of the water before pressure is felt in your knees. This easier feel helps you correct messy landings and manage choppy conditions more comfortably.


Thanks to pre-selected Paulownia slats, the Choice 5 is up to 250g lighter than its predecessor. Instead of the previous ABS rails, composite rods made of ABS and a laminate of up to 80-layers are used. This unibody technology, which originates from ski racing, creates a direct connection between the Cartan carbon laminates in the deck and hull in the form of a torsion box.

Give your sessions that extra sporty kick with the new Choice 5!

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  • CARTANĀ® CARBON: exclusive 30-degree carbon fiber weave for unique flex and ride performance
  • NEW! UNIBODY EDGE: unique connection of the upper and lower carbon laminates
  • NEW! PAULOWNIA LIGHT: even lighter marine grade CNC milled wood core
  • MULTI CHANNELS: grip and control in all situations
  • KATANA CHANNELS: stiffer tips for more response and immediate power
  • BEVELED DECK: minimized reverse flex and better planing
  • TUCKED UNDER RAILS: more grip for more efficient upwind riding
  • V-SHAPED KEEL: early planing, pillow soft landings
  • PRO ROCKER: deep bow for boots, high comfort for straps



Choice 5 twintip, standard grab handle, G10 Cutback Fins (42mm), and V4A fin screws.